Uffici esterno 01Tecno Vibrazioni Venanzetti designs and manufactures vibrating equipment for bulk solids handling.

Our mission is to be the customer’s IDEAL PARTNER by offering our know-how so that we can guarantee maximum reliability and process efficiency at all times, and always in full compliance with environmental regulations.

This approach was the key to our success especially when we decided to expand beyond Italy's borders several years ago, reaching top positions in very important sectors such as steel industries (steel plants and foundries), chemicals (plastics, elastomers, fertilisers), and the environment and energy, and also for specific applications (UREA production, railway ballast processing, recovery of exhausted batteries, …).

In 2012, Tecno Vibrazioni Venanzetti merged with the company Vimec S.p.A. to take another important step forward.


The merger allowed us to pool our know-how, which will only benefit our customers.  Significant advantages arise from the synergies created in the design and production processes, and most of all, in the Research and Development Department.

The company headquarters are located about 15 km from the centre of Milan.
The factory has a surface area of roughly 7000 m2, of which 4200 m2 are indoors. The offices have a surface area of 1.400 m2 in a separate building.